WorkSchedule.Net Roadmap

Please note that this roadmap is subject to change at any time.


Bid Color

Shifts that are bid on can be highlighted for the admin to see.

Double Scheduling Suppression Per TB 

This feature allows specific time blocks to be tagged as immune from the double scheduling rule (does not set off warnings when conflicting with other TBs).

Partial shift swapping and sign up

Allows employees to swap or sign up for partial shifts, provided the permission allows it.


Daily Coverage Report

A report that lists the employees as rows, and breaks down the day into 15, 30, or 60 minute increments showing as columns across to the right. Each cell of the report shows either filled in or not, depending on whether or not the employee is working during that time period. At the bottom of each column the report shows a count of how many users are scheduled, needed, and the difference. This will be a more enhanced version of the daily coverage report that exists in version 8 now.


Developer API

Allows developers to connect the WorkSchedule.Net software to third parties for the purposes of exchanging data.

Ability to add / view qualifications from category item

Allows admins to add /edit qualifications from a category item by listing the users qualified for it. This is in addition to the current way: adding a list of qualified category items for a user.

Military vs standard time option

Allows times to be entered/shown in either standard or military time.  Currently times are only entered/shown in standard time.

European vs. American date options

Allows dates to be entered/shown in either American or European format (mm/dd/yy vs. dd/mm/yy). Currently dates are only entered/shown in American format.

Rule Profiles

Allows the admin to group rules into lists (“profiles”) so that there can be multiple sets of automation rules for various users, situations, departments, etc., instead of only one list for the whole company.