Price Increase 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

Under our new pricing, your Base Monthly Rate will be $2.99 per user per month. The Base Monthly Rate is the price per user per month if you are on a month-to-month plan. For longer term plans that rate is discounted as follows:

  • 6 month term pre-paid: 5% discount ($2.84 per user per month)
  • 12 month term pre-paid: 10% discount ($2.69 per user per month)
  • 24 month term pre-paid: 15% discount ($2.54 per user per month)
  • 36 month term pre-paid: 20% discount ($2.39 per user per month)


Our team has been working tirelessly, and we have invested millions to rebuild WorkSchedule.Net from the ground up to be faster, more user friendly, and more secure. WorkSchedule.Net Version 9 has been released and is available to you now! 

The new version includes:

    • Includes all features available in the desktop web application, including administration!
  • True SMS-based notifications
  • Single sign on via Google and Microsoft
  • Time zone translation
  • Customizable views and user roles
  • Better notification control
  • Simplified employee availability
  • Cascading categories (parent-child relationships)
  • More feature details here.

Yet it still has all the core features you love about WorkSchedule.Net Version 8. And this is just the beginning as we’ll be improving the application at a rapid pace going forward based on your feedback . 


We’ve also invested heavily in security and availability for v9, by partnering with DuploCloud in 2022 to build a brand new network for v9 with high availability, high security and vulnerability testing, and it’s SOC-2 audited by a CREST certified auditor. We now offer a 99.9% uptime SLA (see terms for details). Version 9 is also GDPR compliant. 


It has been 8 years since we’ve increased prices. Our costs have gone up over the years to bring you the top notch labor management application that you depend on, especially with these major improvements. We are actively hiring staff to add to our team now, in order to accommodate the anticipated demand for additional customers and features. So this price increase will not only help us pay for the years of development required to bring you this next generation application, but will enable us to continue to improve WorkSchedule.Net into the future.

Please see this page for information on how to migrate to WorkSchedule.Net Version 9.

Yes! There are two ways to reduce your price going forward:

  1. You can pre-pay for up to a 36-month subscription to get up to a 20% discount on pricing!
  2. We are planning a customer referral program that will allow you to reduce your license costs as much as 50%. Stay tuned for details.

See your price increase email for when the price increase takes effect on your account.

Yes, the price is the same regardless of which version you currently use. For customer convenience we are continuing to support Version 8 while customers migrate to Version 9 at their own pace, but Version 9 is available right now. You can migrate when ready. If you have concerns about features you used in Version 8 that you don’t see in Version 9, or have customization, please contact so we can ensure you have a smooth transition.

If you have custom features we developed for you in Version 8, please contact so we can discuss your specific needs.